Honey & Lemon

image.jpgWhat a week;

I am now 29 weeks pregnant and feeling it. The last week has not been my finest, I came down with the most horrible cold which basically left me in bed all week.

A cold in pregnancy isn’t like any other cold because unfortunately most cold & flu medicine is not suitable to take in pregnancy! Consequently I lived on Honey & Lemon all week!

I forgot to mention, I am a terrible ill person. Lounging around in bed all day, smelling and feeling sorry for myself really isn’t how I like to spend my time. When I wasn’t sleeping I was blowing my nose, coughing and spluttering or drinking Honey & Lemon, that’s if I could be bothered to get out of bed to make any!

Anyways, I’m not trying to make everyone feel sorry for me, just warning everyone to take extra care of themselves in pregnancy and not over do it! I am the worst at knowing when I just need to stop and relax! This cold has certainly taught me a valuable lesson!

This week so far has still been tough, although I mostly feel better I have very little energy so am remaining at a slower pace and taking it steady!

Roll on week 30!





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